Technical SEO Analysis and Strategy

Grow Your Traffic and Revenue​

Discover opportunities to grow your traffic and revenue, find your site’s weaknesses, and gain an SEO partner you can rely on.

How can I help you?​

If you need technical SEO analysis, a content audit, strategic content development, or SEO consulting, I can help.

Technical SEO

Audits to find technical SEO opportunities to help you improve crawlability, improve rankings, and drive more traffic.

Content Audits

Identify pages with thin, duplicate, and cannibalization issues and content resulting in index bloat and crawl budget waste.​

Content Development

Industry & competitor analysis and keyword research to build your editorial calendar. Managing writers and developing content.​

Link Building

Developing content that attracts links, link development outreach, and working with link-building partners.​

eCommerce SEO​

Technical SEO, content, and digital marketing strategy for large or small eCommerce sites.​

Ad-Hoc Consulting

Answering specific digital marketing questions that are unique and specific to your site or business.​


Here are a few examples of the results of my work

312% Increase in Traffic and 207% Increase in Revenue in 2 years
From $400k to $2.4m in revenue in 5 years. A 142% Increase!
Maintaining Top Rankings During the Pandemic for a Full Recovery
Taking a blog From 2,000 monthly users to 35,000

“Great to work with!”​

I worked closely with Sophia to improve sales and traffic to their outdoor lighting eCommerce store. She said, “No, but seriously, you are great to work with. You are so smart and great at what you do, I just appreciate everything you do for me.​”


Sales Director, Company Confidential​

Meet Alex​​

Alex is passionate about marketing, technology, content creation, and always learning. He loves spending time outdoors, hiking with his family, geocaching, and cycling. He’s also a big video gamer and enjoys playing Minecraft with his daughter!

Alex Juel


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Get in touch and let me know what you’re looking for. We can discuss your needs and decide if we’re a good fit for each other.