Tools To Help Build a Powerful Digg Profile

Do you wish you had the ability to get articles up to the first page of Digg? Yeah, so does everyone else, but it takes a lot of work. If you want to gain some rep on Digg, I suggest you start with this article Louie Baur: How to Be a Power Digger. If you don’t know Louie Baur, you will soon. His stuff is all over Digg.

Once you’ve started building up that powerful profile, here are three tools you can use to help you manage and build your Digg user empire.

Check Friends is a simple little tool that allows you to enter up to 10 different “friends” and will then check to see if they’ve Dugg any of your stories. It will go back up to 50 submits, so if they aren’t Digging your stuff, you might want to let them go. is similar to Check Friends in that it’ll check to see who’s Digging your stuff, but it provides many more statistics.

If you submit your username, it’ll spit out a report showing your last 10 submissions, the friends who have Dugg your stories and how many stories they’ve dugg as well. Then it will go deeper into those friends and show exactly what stories they’ve dugg.

If you have any followers that are Digging your stories, but are not mutual friends, it’ll list them too. Lastly, the report shows who and how many deadbeat friends you have that haven’t dugg any of your last 10 submissions. These may be the ones to cut loose.

If you’re the type of Digg user who likes to submit a ton of stories throughout the day, there’s not better tool to use than the BiggBoard, which allows you to enter your username and watch which of your stories have hit the front page and when, which stories have been buried, and which submissions are upcoming. The upcoming list shows you how much time is left to get that story popular too, so you have a good idea if you should be pushing the story out to some more friends.

I think these tools can be a great help to building a strong profile over at Digg, but if you abuse them, you can expect to log in to a banned profile the next day.

2 thoughts on “Tools To Help Build a Powerful Digg Profile”

    1. To be a power digger take a serious amount of time, which is why I prefer to just stick with being a regular user, BUT, a regular user with some helpful tools to manage my account a little better. Maybe I’d just call myself a Digg user with a little bit of experience 😉

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