Qirina for Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research and Link Building

Qirina is a new service which allows you to enter either a domain name or a keyword and will return site stats, keywords and a set of domains that are in relation to each other based on what you’ve entered. Anyone doing keyword research and competitive analysis should be able to see the benefit here.

The first site I entered is a major resort hotel/casino in Washington and surprisingly, Qirina came back saying it wasn’t able to identify the site because it seems to be in non-english. I think it’s probably because the home page is mainly in Flash and there’s really no text to scan or read. So I tried another one, my own site, AlexJuel.com.

There we go!

It diagnosed my Title tag, the niche it believes I’m in, niche keywords (I like this), and a summary of the page.

It also includes a list of main keywords, key phrases, domain name keywords and the density of each.

On the right hand side of the screen, there’s also a list of my “neighbors.” I’m not sure how these other sites are discovered, but it looks pretty accurate and relevant. When I checked one of my other sites, I noticed that the list of neighbors that came back were perfect sites for building relationships, which are highly likely to turn into guest blogging opportunities or at the very least willing to add my site to their blog rolls.

Qirina is actually building an index, so if you check smaller, more unknown sites, it probably won’t have any information for you, but you can submit your site to their index and in about 60 seconds, the tool comes back with all the information you need.

Qirini is still in it’s early stages but it’s fast and sends back great info. It’s definitely going in my competitive analysis process.

Analyzing Your Competitors Metatags Quickly

If you’ve ever wanted to do a little competitive analysis, you’ve probably had the misfortune of having to view the page source of many pages on a particular website. Searching meta tags isn’t the best way to find the right terms to target for your own website, but it’s a good indicator of what other people are targeting and it’s a perfect start for your keyword research.

You’ve probably done this before, and realized how tedious and boring checking pages of one site can be, so after searching the web for something more automated and not finding anything, a coworker mentioned a program called GSiteCrawler. It’s works fairly well actually.

Note: If you are using Microsoft Vista, you have to right click the program file and choose “run as administrator” or the program won’t work properly.

Here’s how to set it up:

a.) Set up a new project by clicking the “Add” button on the bottom left corner of the screen. Use the New Site Wizard and hit Next on the next screen.
GsiteCrawler Screenshot

b.) Enter your website URL and give your project a name and click Next.
GsiteCrawler Screenshot

c.) On this screen, you can leave everything as is, or you can choose the check box next to “URLs are case-sensitive” if you’re on a Linux server. Change anything else if you wish, but I left the rest the same. Click Next.
GsiteCrawler Screenshot

d,) This program was created to be sitemap generator so the next step offers to upload the sitemap file to your website via FTP. Just skip this and click next.
GsiteCrawler Screenshot

e.) You can read through all of the options on the next page, but I just checked them all. Click the finish button and the program will begin to scan your website.
GsiteCrawler Screenshot

There are lot of cool things this program can show you, but for the purpose of this tutorial, we’re only going to look at the Titles and the Meta tags of the website.

Once the scanning is complete, you can navigate to the “URL list” tab on the main screen and then click the “Refresh List” button to show all of the URLs that the program found.
GsiteCrawler Screenshot

You can click on any of the URLs and it’ll show you the URL, Page Title, Description, and Keywords for that page. The one downfall is if the Title, Description, or Keywords fields are too long, it’ll just cut it off, so you won’t be able to see the whole thing on some sites, but it’s still a good tool for some quick analysis.