Does Mariah Carey Support Online Criminal Background Checks?

I was setting up an MSN account the other day for a client of mine and when I went in to the Hotmail account, I noticed an ad in the sidebar.

Does the “criminal” in that top photo look familiar? It’s Mariah Carey! She’s in makeup to look like a guy for her music video “Obsessed.” I’ll never forget how weird she looked as a man for that video, which is why I instantly recognized the photo.

How did get permission to use her image for their ad campaign? Or did they? Anyway, I thought that was funny.

Google Launches Adsense for Video

Google Video Advertising Solutions

Since video is probably one of the most popular things to do while on the web, Google has found a way to monetize it. Actually Google has had this program in pilot since last may but after lots of testing, Google’s Adense for video is now in the beta testing phases.

If you’ve noticed that some videos on YouTube have advertisements contained within them, than this is what you can expect to see on videos that are in the Google Content Network. These ads are text overlay ads that are contextually targeted to the content of your videos as well as your site. So if you are interested, visit Google’s Video Advertising Solutions page to learn more.

Google Adding New Feature to Adwords

Google Adwords PlusBox
When you are searching the natural listings in Google, have you ever noticed a PlusBox under the listing? These are normally used for either a Google Map or a YouTube video.

It’s a pretty cool function actually.

Google has decided to include this feature in their Adwords system. If you choose to have this PlusBox show with your ads, you can choose to show your geographical information, which includes a map, address, driving instructions, and phone number. You aren’t charged anything extra either.

If you are using local business ads already, this feature is already enabled. This is a great idea, except for one thing. The only way to get the PlusBox to show up is if you have the top listing. So, if you are in a very competitive industry, good luck. Looks like Google has created another way to try to get people to spend more money. The feature is being added as we speak so expect to see it in your account soon.