Money Making Ideas Learned From I Love Lucy

My girlfriend loves I Love Lucy so I caught an episode with her the other day and discovered another way to make money. It might not be ethical, but it could work.

Ricky had a business trip to go on in Europe and of course, Lucy wanted to go too, but it would’ve cost too much to take her. So Ricky told her that if she could come up with enough money to pay for herself, she could go.

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Black Hat Tip: Dapper Content Scraper

So you’re into some black hat stuff? If you’re more into the idea of setting up a blog that you won’t have to update yourself, you might want to take a look at a service called dapper.

dapper is actually an ad network, but they also have a little side service that will let you copy content from any website on the internet. It was created as a tool to help them create targeted ads for their service, but there’s a much funner way you can use it.

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Inbound Marketing Tips