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The 30 Day Challenge: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly   Part One

The Good

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Using Competitive Link Intelligence From Majestic SEO

To analyze link data from your competitors websites using Majestic SEO, you will need to purchase a paid subscription. There are plenty of plans available for whatever your needs may be and it’s very affordable.

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Fortitude is a New Online Magazine That Pays You To Write For Them

Fortitude is a new service from the creator of the popular Qondio service (formerly Quassia) created a couple of years ago. Fortitude is very similar to Qondio in that you write articles and submit them for everyone to read, but what makes it different is that on Fortitude you get paid for what you write.

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Googles Playable Pac Man Logo

Being a video game nerd AND an SEO, in my opinion today’s Google logo is probably the coolest logo they have ever created.

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Often when I’m doing competitive analysis, researching niche directories or reviewing industry related “round-up” articles, I’ll come across a few dead links. If you come across a domain that no longer exists that tightly matches the content of your own site, you can try to reclaim their incoming links to point to your own site.

First, visit Yahoo Site Explorer and enter the URL of the abandoned domain into the field labeled Explore URL.

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