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11 Ways to Build Trust

December 4th, 2011

I was approached by Jon Gordon’s PR team who offered to send me one of Jon’s books, which I’ll be reviewing after I’ve read it, as well as the offer to have Jon guest post on my site and I gladly agreed. Check out his post below.

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I was setting up an MSN account the other day for a client of mine and when I went in to the Hotmail account, I noticed an ad in the sidebar.

Does Mariah Carey Support Online Criminal Background Checks?

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Crabs Are the New Bacon On Deals.Woot

You can see the power of community in action today at I took this screenshot around 6am this morning, which shows lots of crab related deals on the home page. 10 of the 15 deals are crab related.

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How to Add the Creative Commons Search Bar to Firefox 4

I use all the time to find legal and free images for my articles, so I was extremely disappointed to find that CC Search was removed from the drop-down search bar in Firefox 4. And it’s also not listed in the Search Tools section as an Add-on.

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Review of Guy Kawasakis New Book, Enchantment

A couple of months ago (June 2013) I received an email from Guy Kawasaki asking if I had an interest in getting a free copy of his book Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions. He sent out the request to registered users of his website, an awesome website by the way. The book caters to business owners, which sounded interesting to me so I filled out the necessary information to have a copy shipped to my house.

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