Network Solutions and ICANN Being Sued

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One of the sneakiest internet marketing ploys out there is domain tasting. This is a practice that will let someone register a domain name for 5 days, and if they decide that they don’t want it anymore, they’ll drop it.

A domain taster will usually set up some ads or something on the site and see what potential the site has for revenue. If it looks good, they’ll keep it, otherwise, it’s back to the registrar. This practice makes it very hard for a legitimate domain purchaser to find the URL that they are interested in and if you’ve ever searched for a domain and found it taken, it’s likely that it was released just a few days later.

Well, another Search Engine Marketer has had enough with this practice and aims to eliminate the 5-day grace period. Chris McElroy, or NameCritic, has initiated a class-action lawsuit against Network Solutions and ICANN over this controversial, and just plain annoying practice. If you are a blackhat SEO, you might not be too happy about this though. I wonder how this one will turn out.

Here’s the press release from the law firm taking the case.

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