Marketing Is as Simple as Shuffling Cards

ChildsPlay Marketing has come up a fun and creative way of coming up with new marketing campaigns for your business and it doesn’t require hiring an expensive consultant. All it takes is a quick shuffle of a deck of cards. Well three decks of cards actually.

The ChildsPlay Marketing Cards are three different decks of cards that each have a different function.

The first deck will help you choose which audience you’ll be targeting for your next campaign, such as active clients, uncovered prospects and best clients.

The second deck of cards will help you choose a special offer to provide to the audience chosen. Here you’ll pull choices such as free samples, money back guarantees or even a simple “thank you” letter.

The last deck is where you’ll figure out which communication vehicle you’ll be using to pull off this campaign. You’ll find choices such as hold music on your phone system, mail-outs and web seminars.

All three decks come in a cool tin and cost $69. I don’ know how many cards come in each deck, but all three combined can provide more than 125,000 ways to market your business according to their website. Check out the cheesy video below to see them in action.

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