Dragon Dictation on the iPhone is Awesome and Free

If you’ve ever heard of or used Dragon Naturally Speaking you’ll be excited to know that there’s a new speech recognition app for the iPhone from the same company called Dragon Dictation. The app is really simple and you can dictate from anywhere and send it through text message or even through an e-mail. As a matter of fact I’m writing this post on the app right now. I did go back to edit a little more on the computer before posting this though, but only a little, as you can probably tell.

Dragon Dictation Start Screen

And just like Dragon Naturally Speaking or Macspeech Dictate you can speak punctuation as well. If you want to put a period or an exclamation mark after any sentence, all you have to do is say it. If you pause for too long while you’re recording your message, the app will take you to the editing screen, but if you want to continue you just have to tap the recording button again and it’ll add more text to where you last stopped.

Dragon Dictation Recording Screen

Anytime you want to go back to edit what you’ve recorded, just hit the Done button to go back to the editing screen and hit the little keyboard icon so you can change anything that you need to fix. You can select words to delete if the app got the dictation wrong and in some cases it will provide a drop-down menu on some words if it feels your grammar wasn’t correct.

Dragon Dictation Editing Screen

I honestly can’t believe how good this app works. I’ve used both Dragon Naturally Speaking for the PC and MacSpeech Dictate on the Mac and both are awesome programs, but they require a little bit of training to work well at first. The Dragon Dictation app on the iPhone seems to work great right out of the box and requires no training at all.

This app is definitely a must-have for any writer and right now it’s free. Get it while it lasts, because I don’t think it will stay free for long.

Update: A friend of mine said that he tried it out and he thought it sucked. I think because I’m already familiar with using Macspeech Dictate, I speak into it properly instinctively. You have to speak almost like a news reporter; very proper and clearly.

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