Valentines Day 2009 at the Search Engines

Another holiday post highlighting the various logos that the search engines have updated in accordance with the holiday of love. Valentines Day is the day to show your love to your significant other, but how many search engines have decided to show their love to their users? Lets check it out. (click the images for […]

Celebrate Earth Day, Search Community!

I figured that Earth Day would have received much more acknowledgment around the web, but not so much from the big search engines. changed their homepage, as well as Google of course, which you can see below. The same goes for YouTube (above), but what about everyone else? Nothing from Yahoo, Reddit, Digg, MSN […]

Network Solutions and ICANN Being Sued

One of the sneakiest internet marketing ploys out there is domain tasting. This is a practice that will let someone register a domain name for 5 days, and if they decide that they don’t want it anymore, they’ll drop it. A domain taster will usually set up some ads or something on the site and […]