Google Hot Trends May Be Misleading

Demi Moore Bush Hot Trends

If you take a look at Google Hot Trends today, you’ll see that the top result is “Demi Moore Bush.” So what do you expect that’s about? Probably something not safe for work, I’d assume.

But after digging in to the results on Hot Trends, related searches are “demi moore”, “comedy central,” and “demi moore george bush.”

Then if you look in the news articles section, you see some mentions of “The Billy Bush Show” and then something about Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore broadcasting their Super Bowl predictions.

Hmmm, nothing seems to correlate here.

I don’t see why people would be searching for “Demi Moore Bush” when looking for the news article about the Billy Bush Show and I can’t find any news about Demi Moore visiting George Bush or his father.

Now if you look at the search results, you’ll see that there is definitely some not safe for work web pages here.

Maybe some TV or radio show mentioned something about some old photos Demi Moore took when she was young, and everyone started searching like crazy, because the first result from “downtownalleys” certainly makes a point.

You know what? Maybe Google Hot Trends isn’t misleading after all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

911 Symbol on Google Hot Trends

I don’t know how this is done, but somehow a symbol of an airplane hitting the Twin Towers has made it’s way onto Google Hot Trends today (as you can see at the 20th position if you click the image). It’s been there since this morning.

I think this has something to do with someone gaming the Google Trends algorithm, possibly searching for these symbols in Google rapidly from unique IP’s?

Obviously from the pic below, you can see that there is no other related information about the search term, probably because there is no real way to determine relevancy to symbols. Interesting.

How is this symbol made anyway? Wingdings or webdings probably, but I just copied and pasted. โœˆ โ–Œโ–Œ

Update: There’s some more info about how this happened over at ISEDB. Looks like the users at 4chan got it going.

Google Suggest Out of Beta, Now On

Google Suggest

Have you been to Google today? If you do a search, you might notice that once you begin typing, Google automatically starts providing real-time suggestions, as well as how many results each of those keywords have. This option, Google Suggest, was previously available as a Google Labs opt-in but it’s now gonna be default for all of your Google searches. According to the Official Google Blog, everyone might not have this functionality yet, but it should be available within the week. It shows up for me off and on right now.

If you notice the results they provide though, they seem to be only showing very popular queries. Will this hurt sales coming in from long-tail searches? I guess it depends on how closely searchers look through the list, but I’m leaning towards yes. How much traffic it really takes away from a site though will probably be minimal. It’s a really helpful service to searchers, though, I have to give ’em that. I like it.

Website Users Gain More Control Over Adsense

New Adsense Feature

I don’t know when this update has taken place, but I just noticed it on one of my sites. If you take a look at the Google Adsense code on the right of the page on Getmo Games, you’ll notice next to the “Ads by Google” line, there are now two little arrow buttons.

If you click them, you’re served a new set of ads. This is a very interesting idea. This will probably increase the click-through rates once users know it’s there. If they don’t see something they like, they can check out different ads. Great idea.