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Fortitude Online Mag Getting a Reboot

Turns out that new memberships at have come to a halt, which you can see from that link that they haven’t had a new signup since May 21st. This is requiring that they take a look at their processes and figure out what needs to be done to keep the online magazine going, meaning some changes are going to take place as of today.

The previous algorithm they had in place didn’t allow many articles to reach the front page, which made a lot of people hesitant on submitting their articles. If you put a lot of work into an article and it never hits the front page, you don’t get paid…much. To remedy this, they are now increasing front page chances to 50% of articles submitted. That gives you much better chances to get visibility and cash.

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Fortitude is a New Online Magazine That Pays You To Write For Them

Fortitude is a new service from the creator of the popular Qondio service (formerly Quassia) created a couple of years ago. Fortitude is very similar to Qondio in that you write articles and submit them for everyone to read, but what makes it different is that on Fortitude you get paid for what you write.

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What Do Your Site Visitors Want to Read?

Are you fresh out of article ideas for your website? If so, Wordtracker has just provided the boost you need to get some more great content cranked out. They’ve just released a free tool on their website called Keyword Questions, which allows you to enter any keyword or short phrase into a search box and they’ll return with a list of questions that people have searched for using that specific keyword. How cool is that?

You can come up with all sorts of new articles with this, and obviously if people are searching for it, it’s something that you want them to find on your website. Of course, some of the terms can be extremely competitive, but hey, it’s still good content and keeps your site fresh. Dig deeper to make sure it isn’t too competitive if you’d like. Check out a screenshot below.

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