Celebrate Earth Day, Search Community!

Earth Day Youtube Logo

I figured that Earth Day would have received much more acknowledgment around the web, but not so much from the big search engines.

Ask.com Earth Day Home Page

Ask.com changed their homepage, as well as Google of course, which you can see below. The same goes for YouTube (above), but what about everyone else?

Google Earth Day Logo

Nothing from Yahoo, Reddit, Digg, MSN Search, Live.com, or Facebook. I would love to see more big names trying to help out. I’m very surprised about this actually. Especially from Yahoo. I was almost certain I’d see a logo change or something when I visited the site.

Myspace Earth Day Page

Myspace is the clear winner today though. The Myspace page has been blacked out and links to a very “Green” web page you should check out. If you go there, you’ll notice that there is a great incentive in which if you plant a tree on your Myspace profile, a tree will be planted in real life. Now if only all the big names of the internet would get the word out, we could be living in a much cleaner and healthier place.

Website Users Gain More Control Over Adsense

New Adsense Feature

I don’t know when this update has taken place, but I just noticed it on one of my sites. If you take a look at the Google Adsense code on the right of the page on Getmo Games, you’ll notice next to the “Ads by Google” line, there are now two little arrow buttons.

If you click them, you’re served a new set of ads. This is a very interesting idea. This will probably increase the click-through rates once users know it’s there. If they don’t see something they like, they can check out different ads. Great idea.